Video instructions and help with filling out and completing biodata format for job pdf free download

Instructions and Help about biodata format for job pdf free download

Ambitious professionals it's Linda Rayner of Linda Rayner calm guiding you to a career and life you lis enjoy now if you hate your job but you can't afford to leave your job unless you have another job offer in hand then this is for you in today's video I'm going to teach you five key tips on how to find a new job specifically through your resume so that you can land a better job offer faster Music so you are sick and tired of your job whether it's your boss the work that you're doing the company environments culture whatever it is you really want to leave but the problem is you can't leave unless you have another job offer in hand well not to worry I have a very simple plan for you that you're going to execute on and it's only two steps step one you're going to create an attractive compelling resume that's going to attract employers and increase their chances of hiring you and offering you a new position and then step two is you're going to leave easier said than done right I know I made it sound a lot easier than it probably actually is but the truth is if you really hate your job it's not worth it for you to stay there you've got to get out of there but if you're gonna leave you have to leave in a positive methodical thought-out way otherwise you're only going to regret leaving with no real job offer in hand and that's only gonna decrease your confidence once you're unemployed and that is not the situation that we want so in today's video I'm gonna go through step one of that plan which is to help you create a top-notch attractive compelling resume that's going to entice employers and increase your chances of landing more interviews and thus job offers and as a side note these are actually derived from my course top notch resume which if you want to learn more information about you can click on the link in the description box at the end of the video tip number one to create a compelling resume identify the exact next type of job or position that you want not just the companies you really have to ask yourself what is the title the industry the specific duties that I would love to do in my next job you want to think this through really carefully you don't want to just apply for any job willy nilly so that you can run away from your current one you want to apply for a job that you're going to actually be excited about that's something that is going to make you want to run towards that opportunity rather than to run away from where you're at you can look on all the job search boards such as indeed LinkedIn if you're in Australia then seek calm basically Google the heck out