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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Biodata sample for students

Instructions and Help about Biodata sample for students

Do you want a resume that will land you more job interviews or maybe you need a resume that will help you get a higher paying job if this sounds like you stay tuned because in this video I'm going to share six strategies to help you write a resume that will get you noticed and if you stick around until the end as always I have a special bonus just for you hi there I'm Heather Austin from Professor Austin comm and the career Club on Facebook and on this channel I share simple solutions to help you launch a career you love so if you're new here consider subscribing studies have shown that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish which is only nine seconds and our attention span just keeps getting shorter because of our digitized lifestyle that's why I teamed up with my really good friends over at red rocket resume to come up with six strategies to help you write a resume that will get you noticed so let's jump into it tip number one is to have a clear message this means starting with a clear vision of what you can offer this will help you demonstrate what you can do for a company and why you are a great fist start by pinpointing your strengths determine what you are good at what about your current position brings you the most excitement what would others say that you do well knowing and understanding your strengths and your passions will help you tailor your resume better for each position with your message to find you are now ready to bring it together in what we call a branding profile which is tip number two a branding profile is a brief description of your greatest accomplishments it an employer who you are who you help and how you help them it comes right after your name and contact information and appears right before your experience section the great thing about a branding profile is that it conveys to a company what you can do for them rather than what you want out of the position branding profile is also known as a personal summary of qualifications section or even a branding summer here's a bonus tip an objective statement on a resume is old and outdated so if you've been using one you need to get rid of it and put a branding profile in its place tip number three locus on the top half the top half of your resume is by far the most important this is where hiring managers and recruiters will look first you have six seconds or less to convince them that you are the perfect candidate for an interview include a good contact phone number with a professional sounding email address preferably a gmail account with your first and last name or some combination of your first and last name you could also use an email address from.


What is a good biodata sample format for students?
what can I do with my CV. Everyone rejects me after going through my CVSandeep MohapatraPhone: 9739631770Email:mohapatrasandeep60@gmail.comSummary:Having around7.3years experienceinC, C++, Linux, cmake. Looking for technical roles and not leadership roles.I am exceptional at hard-core coding and puzzles. I can do something which a lot of people fail to do. Lot of people tell me to highlight my capabilities in my CV. But I do not think I can successfully do that, because I do not get into right places.But I do not want to raise your expectations so I feel it better to write my weakness. I am slow at understanding codes, do have lack of concentration and am less proactive and communication problems.Experience:My luck is very bad so I have changed so many companiesSemantix,Secunderabad(Feb2022 till Feb 2008)The company closed.Sasken,Bangalore(Feb2022 till Aug2008)layoff as not in project.SPA Computers,Bangalore(Sep 2022 till Oct 2009)company closed. When I left, It was removing people, not giving salary. So, I resigned out of panic.Later bank people came and locked up the office.HCL,Pune(Apr2022 till Apr2012)new branch,no projects till a year, for some interviews my CV was rejected for stability reasons. I never met them also. I took training in teamcentre. I did not want to work in it. I wanted to work in Linux c c++.IBM,Bangalore(Sept 2022 Till Nov 2012)contractI did not want to make career in CORBA,because CORBA does not have good market. So I changed. Project was not going good. I panicked. Others are permanent people I am the only contract person, I will be fired first.Intelegencia,Noida(Sept 2022 Till Nov 2012)They hired me for symbian project. Project did not come. I got firedSamsung,Noida(Dec 2012till May2014)I saw some horror movies continuously for 2 months.One night I felt my head inside has broken into pieces while watching movie. Next morning when I woke up I felt different.I had an attack of schizophrenia. I felt like people are coming to attack me. I carried a knife to office, kicked chairs and tables, banged doors and was fired and sent home. I used to beat people on the road, do accidents knowingly. I felt like all animals are talking to me. They will bite me and eat me. I attempted suicide 3 times.I take medicines now. I feel happier and more confident with medications.HCL,Noida(Sept 2022 Till Jan 2015)people rejected taking me due to 3 http://reasons-1.no stability,2.past psychiatric problems, 3.they wanted networking,driver,qt,windows experience.IBM,Calcutta(uly 2022 Till October 2015)contractProject cancelledWipro,Bangalore(October 2022 till March 2016)contractProject started late, my contract was over,by rules they had only 2 choices http://1.to get me into permanent or end contractTech Mahindra,Bangalore(May 2022 till Feb 2017)layoff. Manager told I am the fastest coder among all.But I do 80% good job and 20% rework. He gave me rating 3. I did not like my rating so left the project. He found only 3 mistakes in my code and telling all nonsense. Others came after me and not rated. Company later laid off all 3 ratings. Manager called HR in front of me to improve my rating, but it was too late.Education:CDAC ACTS PUNE B grade 2007BE in CSE, Utkal University 63% 2005CHSE(PCMB) , Utkal University 61% 200010th ICSE 89% 1998Skills:C, C++ on ARM and FOXP board.Linux- message queue, shared memory, pipe, fifo, multithreading, pthread_cancel, mutex, binary semaphore, TCP/UDP sockets, exec, wait, kill, exit, fork, signals, periodic signal, raise, serial port, ioctl, get and set block, serial, network device attributes, get and set h/w and s/w clock, get clock tick rate, sched_yield, fstat, stat, mprotect, access, condition variables, Bluez device discovery, Bluez RFCOMM sockets, sqlite, gdbRTOS: montavistalinux, symbian, cmakeDesign Pattern- Abstract Factory , Bilder, Factory Method, Object Pool, Prototype, Singleton ,Adapter, Bridge, Composite,u Decorator, Facade, Flyweight, Observer, State,Private class, proxy, chain of responsibility, command, interpreter, iterator,consumer electronics, browser, embeddedAchievementsThere is a website designed by scientists that measures brain functions through games. In my 1st attempt, I scored the highest for couple of games (that is near to world record) except for concentration for which I scored little below average.In Jan 2022. I appeared 3 rounds of Amazon. I was the only person in my batch of 5+ experienced to clear the coding challenge. It consisted of 2 programs and I was the only person to complete both. No other contestant could program a single solution. By now I have 3 times qualified online coding test of Amazon. I fail the design round. I do not get anything about web based designs. Especially my problem is how to initiate HTTP communications and design databases.In Feb 2022. I appeared for CISCO online coding challenge through Technology and India's Largest Tech Community and scored rank 30 between all languages- C, C++, java and python among some 10000 candidates. My solution passed all the test cases.In 28 January 2022 appeared for online coding challenge by Applied Materials through Technology and India's Largest Tech Community and scored rank 29. My solution passes all test cases. Total time taken is 3 hours out of allotted 4 hours.In 28 January 2022 appeared for online coding challenge by Samsung through Technology and India's Largest Tech Community and scored rank 98. My solution passes all test cases. Total time taken is 45minutes out of allotted 5 hours. I have checked the profiles. People from IITs, Nits, IISC have participated in the contest.Made a proposal and qualified till finals for an international event “Mobile Rules! Technology Innovation Competition"- FEB 2022. conducted by Nokia. This was an international event conducted by Nokia .Title- “On the Air Operating System” and was asked to prepare white papers for the same.I earned state board scholarship in std3.When in std 3 , on orders of school principal took one math and English class of std 9 students.My strength & contribution to teamIn TechM, I wrote a function. Peer reviewed. He rewrote the same function. But in his function not even 1 feature was working correctly.In Samsung, there was a piece of code, it was not working properly. One peer had written it. I changed the initializers and it started working.In Samsung we were given a program to reduce the number of loops. I assigned to a NIT guy. He could not do it. I did it.In Samsung, there was a feature to be implemented. Peers gave suggestions. I pointed out errors. I gave my implementation. Others told it is too complex. They implemented. I crashed the code. At last the feature was discarded. I got appreciation from manager.In SPA computers, there was a crash. Whole team tried it. I could fix it. There was an IP file that was getting corrupted by multiple read/write overlapping.In SPA computers, there was a need for multilingual fonts display, the whole team tried it. I could solve it.In CDAC, we were given a challenge to display moving sin curve on screen given line drawing system call. In the whole class I was the only person to write a program for that. There were people from REC, IIM, 90% career holders.I have always been a fast tracker. My aptitude tests finished about half an hour earlier than other candidates could. I had topped almost always in aptitudes and computer architecture and OS paper taken separately.In TechM I suggested for a software that could automate the porting project. But it was not implemented because it was a one time project.AccuracyIn TechM, I did the whole porting project except for few functions and there are not more than 20 bugs.In SPA- in project digital Signage Board- my modules reported a maximum of 20 bugs while each other individual reported 100+ bugs though I guess I coded more than others.In Samsung- porting project Rust Servo Browser- I reported a maximum 5 bugs while others reported 50-60 bugs. Other team mates were from companies like microsoft,adobe,IITans and NITansOptimized codeIN CDAC we were given tasks to write scheduling algorithms. People wrote about a page of a code for each algo, I completed in half page or less with same functionality. My natural style is short and complex. But people find it hard to understand my code. Some people have headache going through my code. Recently I take more time to comment my code properly.CertificationsC++ certification- from IKM(Score:97percentile(Aug 2011) ,82 percentile(Dec 2012)Projects:http://9.Name :TheftSirenOrganization : own projectTeam : 1Description:It detects within 5minutes of theft/loss-Theft of mobilesTheft of costly itemsChild loss in crowded place alertHouse hold items findingRoleBluez API for device discovery, Bluez RFCOMM sockets, Bluetoothmultithreadingperiodic signalsSqlite databaseGdbGPS,NMEA protocolQt-Qdialog, QpushButton, QtabWidget, QdialogButtonBox, QstringList, QlistWidget, Qlabel, QVBoxLayout, QblueToothSocket, QblueToothServer, Qsocket, QserverSocket, QTCPSocket, QDataStreamgtkCondition variablesTCP/IP socketsTechnologies c, C++, Linux, Qt,gtk,http://8.Name: Apex Tool PortingOrganization : Tech MahindraTeam : 7DescriptionSoftware exists in OS9000, we have to migrate to Linux. Basically we need to write wrapper functions, for all System Calls used, to convert it to Linux.RoleDocumentation for some system calls regarding how to migrate from OS9000 System Call to LinuxWriting codes for exec, wait, kill, fork, exit ,signals, signal conversion, thread cancellation, multi threading, enabling periodic signals, wildcard string match, RST lines of serial port, clock, get and set serial, block and network device attributes, serial port, semaphore, mutex, shared memory, semaphoreCmake and compilation and filter wrapper functions to be written technologies C, LinuxTechnologiesC++, Linux, cmakehttp://7.Name : MaersklineshippingOrganization : IBMTeam :18Descriptiondelivery of items through shipsRolebooking of dangerous cargoTechnologies C++, Linux,http://6.Name :DTV Native Browser -CommercializationOrganization : SamsungTeam :18DescriptionWeb browser on DTV stack of TV and FoxP boardRoleCode review fixes and optimization, multithreading.Static analysis tool- CRC, PREVENTMemory leak tool- DUMAMinor bug-fixesRunning OSS tools and report generationTechnologiesC++, Linux, GTKhttp://5.NameRust Servo BrowserorganizationSamsungteam6DescriptionLibraries for web Engine for Browser Multi-core fast performing web-browser. It reads css files, gets the characters according to encoding scheme, generate tokens for characters, understand meaning of tokens and displays on screen.RoleCode conversion from C to RustLibparserutils- that reads a particular file, usingfilters , understanding differentEncoding schemes, gives character output that acts as input to further libraries toGenerate tokens. Tokens are generated after parsing css filesSome other libraries, multiprocessingUnit test cases for all librariesRunning OSS tools and report generationTechnologiesC, RUSThttp://4.Name :Digital Signage BoardOrganization : SPA computersTeam :11Description:Shopping mall barcode reader with player and communicating to Windows Servers. Player is an ARM board with montavista Linux. There are 3 windows servers, BOS (networking), Template Design and Database. As the player boots, it connects to three types of servers. Connection is handled by BOS. It gets its screen contents By downloading from Template design server. As it plays contents, it pays money to Client Servers. When barcode is scanned, it shows details of scanned products.RoleTCP/IP and UDP socket implementationBarcode reading using serial port communication, storing barcode and inventory details in databaseGUI implementation using directFBPicture display and movement using DirectFBProcessing multi-language filesMultithreading, multiprocessing, synchronisation, IPCTechnologiesC++, Linuxhttp://3.Name: TrackerOrganization : SPA computersTeam :1Descriptiontracker device is placed in vehicles and app is run on mobile. When vehicle crosses radius, mobile app triggers alarm. Also mobile app shows where all the vehicle has moved.RolesSocket communicationGUIUsing Google map APIS for location based servicesEntire prototype developmentTechnologiesC++, Symbianhttp://2.Name :Dynamic Message DisplayOrganization : SemantixTeam :3DescriptionThere is option for user to set a time and he gets holy messages from religious books daily at that timeRolesSocket communicationGUITechnologiesC++, Symbianhttp://1.Name :Camera ControlOrganization : SemantixTeam :3DescriptionThis makes the mobile phone to act as a spy-Cam. Operated by sending SMS. You configure the phone to send picture clips to other cell numbers and to an FTP serverRolesSocket communicationTaking snaps and storing in databaseSms commands handlingSMS parserTechnologiesC++, Symbian
How do I fill out the Form 102 (ICAI) for an articleship? Can anyone pra sample format?
Form 102 serves as a contract between you and your Principal at work. It becomes binding only when its Franked.Franking is nothing but converting it into a Non Judicial Paper. So u'll be filling in your name, your articleship period and other details and you and your boss(principal) will sign it on each page and at the end. It need not be sent to the institute , one copy is for you and another for your Principal .Nothin to worry..And while filling the form if you have any query , just see the form filled by old articles. The record will be with your Principal or ask your seniors.
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