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I'm preparing Bio-data for my marriage. What should I fill in the "Expectations from her" column?
While writing a matrimonial bio-data, you need to be a little bit cautious as your each and every word will be evaluated and it is your face in front of the respective family wherever you share it. Writing a good matrimonial bio-data is just completing one of the basic steps in your search journey (http://bit.ly/2o5qALB).You should always choose your words very smartly and wisely while writing your matrimonial resume.If you are not looking for a career oriented life partner, make your expectations clear in a decent way that it will not offend the other person.If you are not really keen to marry the extremely beautiful lady on earth and you are ok with average looks and features then write it accordingly.If you want highly educated girl from a reputed family, then mention the same that you are looking for a highly educated girl.If you want someone from same city or from same religion then don’t forget to mention the same.If you are into a touring job or you are expected to move to another city after your marriage, then tell this upfront and let the other person understand that you can any day shift to another city/state or country because of your job liabilities (http://bit.ly/2o09ugu).Write your expectation clearly and precisely, don’t put too many conditions, so that other person will lose interest in meeting you or sharing her details with you.If you are looking for someone who is mature and simple, keep this in your priority list.Don’t write or mention small and every bit of it such as you don’t want someone who snores, or who has pimples.Besides, mentioning your expectations upfront, it is equally important to write about yourself.Best of luck for your search!!!
How do I shortlist girls• bio-data for an arranged marriage?
Random pointsDo u have preference of same or related profession?2. City of residence- girl from particular city3. looks-a. skin colour b. features c. figure4. height preference5. manglik /non manglik6. does she have a past relation . do u specifically want a virgin bride, one with no past . do not hesitate in this point to speak .7. imp point - behaviour , manners of the girl .8. package /salary 9. education background. 10. imp - communication skills and being expressive of ones feelings.11 . check how much you both click on mind-thought level12. ask if she has / had any major health issues . before you finalise, its better to get certain tests done .a relative of mine found out thaT THE GIRL has problems related to childbirth .all the best , just organize these points and also discuss with your parents, they will do most of the task
What are you tired of explaining to people?
“Never deceive your parents or lets say never play with their feelings”Youngsters out there, may I have your attention please?. Especially all girls.Read this answer now.Finally, her father gave up and now he is in coma. Unfortunate.It's a story of one of my friend's sister.She became 1 year old and her father celebrated her birthday in a way that no one can forget such grand celebration.Years later, she scored 92% in her 10th. Her father distributed sweets to everyone and surprised her with a new phone.Years later, she scored 83% in her 12th exams and was about to prepare for PCMB. This time her father did the same, distributed sweets and surprised her with a new bike.A year later, she became 18. Her father wanted to celebrate her birthday in a same way he had celebrated when she was 1 year old.Morning at 5:30, the girl woke up. told her parents that she is going to temple and she eloped. They didn't know and they didn't give attention to her. Because they were sleepy.It was 2 pm in the afternoon, I got a call from her brother stating that her sister left home in the morning by 5:30 and she didn't come back home. Her phone was switched off.We contacted as many people as we can. But we didn't get any information. I myself saw fear in her father's eyes. I could feel his heart. I could read his mind. He was almost dead from inside but alive in front of us.Finally, we had no clue and had to inform this to police. Second day, her father received a call from her. She said, (Dad, I ran away from home and married my boyfriend, I didn't inform you because I know you guys could have never accepted this. Now please let me live my life and don't call me)Her father after listening to it, started crying, he became unconscious then and there. My friend called a doctor and few hours later her father became conscious. He was crying so hard and told everyone the same. My friend called her and begged her to come home. But what she did was something more than unexpected. She had written a letter and uploaded it on Facebook As below,I am XYZ. I got married to my boyfriend on so n so date secretly. I and my husband we came together on so n so date. But my family members my father xyz, my brother and his friends and my father friend XYZ are troubling and threatening me. My husband and I am happy. If my parents trouble or threaten anymore or do anything wrong to my husband and my in laws then I will commit suicide. I will kill myself by taking poison which I carry with me always. I married to my husband with my own wish and I don't need my family anymore. If any of my family (father's family) expires then I won't care and I won't be responsible.Now entire society, relatives, cops, everyone got to know. Even unknown people saw that post and trolled her parents for not supporting her.Trust me guys, her family had no clue about it. It was her who had listened to all her boy friend's suggestions and did the same for her love. But here her parents were innocent who were dying by bearing the blame and criticism. But very rare people who are close to her family know the truth that her parents are innocent.Her father could not bear this anymore. The one who used to love her more than anything else. I saw his love for her. I saw he was absolutely disturbed. Everything ended.We friends cried on that day seeing her parents. Even while writing this answer I'm getting goosebumps. My eyes are filled with tears.I don't know, how are they surviving but the most difficult life I can say.She is pursuing engineering now. her world's great husband drives an “Auto rickshaw” and makes sure that he eats ghutka every morning he wakes up. He is a legend you know.Dear girls you have two lives. One is your own family. Second one is husband life. But please understand why your parents cry so hard when you leave your first home? You know giving your daughter to someone else is too tough. You need to have guts to give your child to someone else. At the same time all I want to say is, do love, do marriage to your beloved one. But at least choose a right one so that your parents themselves should appreciate the choice. Why would they deny if you choose a right one and convince them?Message to my all dear Indian Sisters, my friends and my enemies.Don't ever think that you are always right. In this case the girl was absolutely wrong. Please listen to your parents. Who are you to judge them Yaar? They have given you a life. They brought you here. What more you need? They are the reason that you are surviving here. Respect them. Respect their decisions. If they are wrong, take some time or try them understand. There will be a solution. Please I beg you don't play with them. I can't see parents crying please. Do what you wanna do, but make sure you do that in a proper way.@User-9515521176065682115 (Suggested and says) : Nothing is more painful than seeing parents in tears. Never hurt them.
How do I know how many people I need to fill out my survey in order for the data to be reliable for a market need research analysis?
It depends a lot on the question you want answered. Some statistics (and answers) need a more solid backing and a higher percentage to be valid. You should look into some basic statistics concepts like confidence intervals. It should be understandable if you've taken some college level calculus. What confidence intervals is is that based on your results, and the number of results you have, you can tell with X amount of confidence that this is the right answer. Of course it can't apply to everything, but that's the general point.
My astrologer says that I will achieve financial success only after my marriage. Does such things happen? Which planetary combinations suggest so?
Not just marriage, there are a lot of things that can bring about changes in life. Have you seen people who rise after the birth of a child, or after marriage or after changing profession?How is it that a man struggles for a long time an then gets great success out of a sudden?At times it is because of the obvious change in dasha. But at times it is far more interesting. It so happens that in many horoscopes there are a few things that become exceptionally strong. In some other cases it so happens that a combination such as an exchange or a maturity opens way for a drastic change in result. Have you seen child prodigies who end up having a mediocre life? Child actors with no success in future after a great breakthrough? The horoscope itself keeps changing with time, event and place.In one of the greatest books on astrology (which is no longer available anywhere on earth but survives in bits and pieces with a handful of people), it is said that the very fundamental principle of astrology is that destiny is determined in two ways. Suppose you are to get married, then the even can unfold in any of the following two ways:You are destined to marry someone who is of a tall stature, who has a mole on their face, receding hairline, born in an affluent family and having 4 siblings. Hence, the moment you meet someone with these characteristics, marriage would take place even if not very strongly indicated in the horoscope.You are destined to marry the same person but in 2022. Before that, no matter how hard you try, you would not be able to find such a person. Even if you find all such people on the earth, you would have to split and it wont be a match. But the moment you enter 2022. a person with the exact same description would enter you life and things would automatically lead to marriage.The art of astrology is simply to use these two possibilities and give predictions out of it.It is for this reason, at times success comes in a given time frame but at other times, dashas and periods don’t matter at all. It is some other event or experience that triggers results. It is for this reason that the weakest horoscope makes one a billionaire out of the blue and it is for this reason even strong horoscopes have limited growth despite being in a good college and continuously growing over the years.In your case, the most likely reason your astrologer would have said it is because your 7th house or 7th lord or Venus would be in some kind of planetary exchange or would be the only unaffiliated planet in the horoscope and would be relating to the lagna.PS: I am currently in the process of developing an instrument that can gauge a person’s personality based on the measurement of panch-mahabhoot. Till now the results are statistically very significant and this could be a first small step in establishing the truth to astrology. However I still need more data to show that the approach is statistically valid. If you appreciate my answers, do take out a few minutes to fill out the survey in the link here. The data would help me develop the final instrument whose link would then be available in my bio. If you do not wish to fill out your names, initials or any nick name would do. Thanks a lot!
What advice would you give to a guy looking for an arranged marriage? How can anyone really judge a person based on their bio-data?
No it is simply impossible to judge and gauge a person just looking at his/her bio data.But a brief discussion is helpful. The discussion could be on many topics, if I may allowed to name a few.Understanding a guy :Ask to explain love in his terms.Ask if he or his family has got any trouble if you (assuming you're a female) earns more than him.Ask if he could cope the heat if he comes to know that no kid could be born out of the wedlock with you.Ask if can manage the lifestyle of both of you if you decide to quit for any good reason.Ask what's your point of view if your parents comes to stay with both of you for a while or more than a while.If you see the questions carefully these questions may (or may not) bring out some picture of the guy you're talking to. If you get it you know ur answer. And supposing the guy is a pleaser and you feel pleased with his answer, ask about his love-life back ground and cross check it with your reference and sources. (Believe me I've seen people hiring detective agencies) so there is nothing wrong in it.Ok now, understand a girl.Discuss about various social topic like (dowry, marital rape, male dominated juvenile crimes etc) and try to understand what she is not saying about it which you know (and probably everyone knows)Ask her if she is comfortable for relocating herself for long and good. If she tells that she will face problem understand that how will she manage it if you really feel she is correct for you.Repeat the question no 2,3 and 5 to her (from the previous section I wrote)Ask her, how would she manage if in any unfortunate day your earning reduces or goes to nill (just in case)If she says that she had a love life in the past, try to meet the guy and understand what went wrong. There may be turbulences to do so…. But understand prevention is better than cure. (Edit : if possible must for both ways)Ask about the love life to her parents or siblings and check do they have any knowledge? If no ask her why and if yes then what was the family members response. (Edit : if possible must do both ways)Second time marriage cases, pls do check the divorce papers thoroughly if you don't understand pay to a lawyer and get help. Mostly u may find mutual divorce cases, but ask her the files which happened before that. If things aren't smooth as per your understanding then take help of your elders and professionals. (This is applicable for both ways • guys to girls and girls to guys)Finally ask her to be open, as much as she can ,explaining anything else which she things as her partner you must know and understand. (Again goes both ways)Always remember, you may like someone today but it is not necessary for them to love you always. But you need to find a person who proves this theory wrong.All the best and blessings.Edits : I know some pointers from above may offend some readers. As I said, prevention is better than cure. So take as much precautions as you can. And in case if you find any thing fishy while getting these answers, ask your intuition. Own conciseness is the best teacher. I'm sorry for the harsh words but as my divorce lawyers says and I quote “often harsh words reveals the ugliest truths”
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